Monday, 01 October 2007

"You understand what I'm saying...."

This is one of those sayings that riddle many a conversation. The other one is " You know what I mean..."
I find it irritating. It makes me loose concentration on what the person is really talking about. Up until now I have just let it go.
What irks me is that there is in reality no question mark after these words of wisdom. It is more of a statement than anything else.
Five maybe six times in a conversation.
In my mind I think to myself, "Yes, you Moron, I understand, but I am not sure you do" or "No, only you could understand that nonsense" etc.
Couple of days ago I "lost" it after hearing it for the zillionth time.
"No" I said
"No, what?" the answer
"No, I don't understand" says I
Slight pregnant pause as this piece of information is digested. Thinking.
"But it is obvious"
"Well if it is obvious, why keep on asking me if I understand. It is obviously not obvious, I must be missing something...explain to me what I need to understand"
The conversation was not completed.
But, I am polishing my skills for the next time.


Louisa said...

Hahaha! Cute...

I have a pet hate too - it's when someone wants you to do something and they try to polite you into it. For instance, if you want me to pass the salt a suitable way to ask would be,
" Please pass the salt". But more and more I get, " Don't you want to pass me the salt please?" with an outstretched hand...

"No...but thanks for asking?"

Anyway, maybe I'm just being petty about it. Who knows?

Anonymous said...

Oh I could go on forever on how I agree with you. I have "lost it" a few times myself. My husband has this habit of starting a conversation saying something like "He came in there and said" blah blah blah "and I told him...." about 15 minutes later when I finally get to squeeze a word in, I'll ask "who and what are you talking about" then he gets angry at me as if I wasn't listening when he never mentioned a name or place or reason for even telling me.