Monday, 15 October 2007

Cape St Francis Iceberg: Mirage or Hoax?

It would appear as though the Intini entered Mosselbay a few days ago and ducked and dived the media on arrival. There are virtually no weekend newspaper reports covering this issue. So, there is no formal explanation from the Skipper or the crew. There are no photos. The general consensus in the media is that, given that there is no proof, and that the crew will not speak about it, it was either a hoax or a “mirage”.
I find it hard to believe that an experienced Skipper would unnecessarily cause this “situation”, given the gravity of the consequences of the “warning”; surely there is an official body that will follow this up?
Having said that, I had a long conversation at my favourite watering hole on Friday evening with two seasoned yachtsmen, who sail these seas regularly. They are adamant that the sea currents around the coast are such that an Iceberg from down South could not land up off Cape St Francis. They maintain it is a physical impossibility, and get pissed off when one “questions” their explanations.
Only the Skipper and the crew know what they saw, and they are not talking about it.
Maybe later.....

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