Thursday, 11 October 2007

What happened to the Cape St Francis Iceberg?

Last night I went for a beer at my favourite watering hole. This is a small town and the pub is visited by "regulars" from round about, mostly from the farming community. Anyhow, my thoughts on Climate Change are well known. These views are not shared by my drinking buddies, as I am the Prophet of Doom, not in our lifetime, negative etc.
So, I could not help but refer to the Iceberg spotted off Cape St Francis. (I told you so!!)
Now, it would appear as though it has "disappeared". Not sighted by any other vessel, not visible on satellite images, even an aircraft sent out to look for it could not find it. It has only been seen by the Skipper and crew of the fishing trawler Intini. This vessel is on its way back to Mossel Bay and is expected to arrive tomorrow sometime. This Skipper is adamant that they all saw it, gave the size, location the works. This is an experienced skipper.
While this discussion was building up steam, there was a news report on the Pub TV about a Penguin that walked out of the sea onto a beach somewhere. This animal belongs at the South Pole. There is no record of this kind of Penguin ever been sighted here. I never saw the entire news flash, but I did see a yellowy coloured penguin that DSTV has taught me to interpret as an Emperor.
So, now the chirping starts. Maybe, according to my companions, the penguin was hitching a ride on this still be be confirmed iceberg, and just before it melted away, he jumped off and waddled ashore. Plus another bunch of comments I cannot repeat.
I have no Iceberg to stand on, so to speak. An effort to change the topic to rugby, which usually works, was unsuccessful. For a full hour my views were broken down, bit by bit, based on the Invisible Iceberg Theory.
How and why did the penguin land up here? Don't know, but that is another story, and I am going to follow up to get my penguins in a row.
According to the experts the Iceberg would have drifted SE, and should be 100 miles East of Mossel Bay.
Somebody!!,please find it, so I can have a peaceful beer again
The final post on the Iceberg here

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