Tuesday, 09 October 2007

Iceberg sighted off Cape St francis

Today I am suffering from Bloggers Droop. Internet will not respond, too many people on the LAN, Cannot upload pictures to Blogger, ISP not all there, etc.
Anyway, on the way to the Salt Mine this morning there was a radio report that said an ICEBERG had been sighted off Cape St Francis (70 miles SE to be precise), by a fishing trawler, and shipping had been advised. No mention was made to the size of the Iceberg, but big enough to cause concern.
Geez, an ICEBERG off the East Coast of Africa.
"No reason for concern" said the "Another Man" on the radio, with reference Climate Change, this happens every 100 years or so.
Thanks for the reassurance Mr Another Man, let us bury our heads deeper into the ground, or water for that matter, and while we are down there, lets use the opportunity to kiss our asses goodbye.
Another sign of "Bad things to come"
But, according to most of the people around me I am negative, doomsday advocate, whatever.
Read Part 2 of the Invisible Iceberg Theory here

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