Thursday, 18 October 2007

Beer with someone from history. (Continued)

Five people have either been coerced or volunteered into writing a post on this topic.
JD has done justice to the occasion.
Other contributions on their way:-
David Alexander
I will post those done on the sidebar so we can all read them
Please, this is not a by invitation, if it appeals to, just do it.
Just let me know so we can all share in your endeavour.
The image is of a beer accident in Russia, enough there to go around.
(I have already received a snide remark about a thinly disguised attempt to increase traffic to this site. THIS IS NOT MY INTENTION, I am happy with my hits, and will not refer to this nonsense again)
History defined as someone no longer with us, ie dead
Can be one or multiple persons
If a post has been done on someone, does not mean he cannot be "visited" again.

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Marloes said...

For what it's worth, I had my drinks..:)