Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Beer with someone from History : Carol

Carol from My View of It has done the beer thing. Somehow I knew George Bush would be on the list, and Plato does not suprise me at all.
Read it at My view of it.
A couple of weeks ago I was meandering around one of her other sites and tripped over a post on legislation applicable to Bloggers, specifically in the USA, but, in essence, this post is applicable to all of us. When I started this site "legal stuff" was not part of my terms of reference, "just do it" kind of approach. This post is a must read if your legal knowledge is/was as limited as mine. It is easy to read and makes sense.
Read it at My Reviews and Finds
Thanks Carol.

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Carol said...

It was a pleasure to do this post Graham, took me several days to choose who to write about. Very thought provoking indeed!
Thanks for posting the link about the 'legal stuff' it is unfortunate that we need to be concerned about such things as Bloggers :(