Wednesday, 17 October 2007

If you could have a beer with someone from history, who would it be?

If you could have a beer with someone from history, who would it be? I did a post like that yesterday and I enjoyed it. However, The post should have been one person only, and with more substance. Now, what am I getting to…?
I am going to request, bully, threaten and/or beg three people to write a post on exactly that. A post on what you would discuss with someone from history.
Just the one post, no obligations, no follow ups, no linking, no tagging, just for fun.
The three that are on my list are.
Jonny Stensby – (If he is not wandering about on the high seas)
Marloes – (I know this will be a good one) Happy birthday Marloes!
Carol – (I would like to be a fly on the wall at this meeting)
Over a beer, tea, in a court, serious, funny, whatever, let the right brain out of the box.
If this works I will pressgang another three. (I have them in mind)
On a point of clarification, I am not soliciting for hits here, that is not the point.


David Alexander said...

OK, thank you for asking. There are one or two "obvious" ones - Jesus, Buddha. They would be great to speak with; however, I will stay closer to home. My choice is William Blake, the 19th century British painter and poet.

He was a great natural visionary (he literally saw angels as a child) without being a victim of religious dogmatic beliefs. He kept his spiritual freedom and growth alive his whole life.

I am not sure if I would have a set question for him. I would perhaps tell him how we read and observed his work in the 20th and 21st centuries, and my thoughts about it.

And, I do not think I would tell him about current events, unless he insisted. Because William Blake was a very feeling human being who wanted and hoped for the best out of humanity. The way things are going, he might be disappointed - although together we might figure out where things will be in 100 years, and perhaps it will be better than it is now.

Louisa said...

Douglas Adams - and I'd pack a towel. :-)

Marloes said...

Luckily I am a beer person and I am more then willing to oblige. I will have to think carefully though, because I wouldn't want you to have to eat your words (about being good and such..)

Anonymous said...

What a great idea! I had to try this. Here's my version......

Jonny said...

Wow, I'm honored by the challenge! I see that quite a few obvious once have been picked already. I need to get back to you on this one... shortly of course!

Graham said...

Thanks guys. I am looking forward to this.
Anybody, please, don't wait for an invitation, just do it, if it appeals to you

Carol said...

OK Graham,
I completed my post. I hope you like it and maybe a little surprised - or maybe not - by who I chose to kick it with :)