Tuesday, 16 October 2007

Climate Change and Malthus

Blog Action Day (15th) has come and passed. I have been around and read a lot of them, and I will be reading more. One aspect amazes me. The "passion" is there. The need to do "something" is there, but the who, and what must be done is not defined. Graphic verbal illustrations of what is happening are abundant. But not the solution.
The Inconvenient Truth Theory.
Before I run off at a tangent ...focus ...focus.
Inherent in mostly all serious posts is the distorted global balance between population, resources and production. These are the major variables that resulted in Climate Change, (Global Warming, whatever), and one could argue that these are the variables that need to be addressed to do damage control.
To have an informed insight to Population Growth Theory, one should start at the beginning, and that is Malthus, a Classical Economist of the 1700's. Believe or dismiss his theory, that is each persons own choice, but read it.
Otherwise, come back later, I will post a bit by bit background to his theory over the next few days.
What made me think about this was a post by Kim


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Kim said...

very good point Graham !!!
we all know what the problems are...and we certainly DO have to find the solutions.......
I'm looking forward to reading about it ....