Tuesday, 23 October 2007

Lady Godiva : Butt naked on a Horse

One of those "where does that come from?" stuff.
As is often the case there is doubt as to what is fact, fiction or faction. Without splitting hairs this is the story.
Godiva was married to the Earl of Mercia and they founded a Monastery at Coventry round about 1050 AD. She wanted to relieve their subjects of the burden of heavy taxes, and her hubby could do that. But, despite her continual requests, prayers and most probably continual nagging he, the Earl, would not give in. After a while her continual requests irritated him so much that he said " Mount your horse and ride naked, before all the people, through the market of this town. and I will grant you your request". Given the times before streaking, this was unthinkable. But, Lady Godiva had another idea. She passed a decree that forbade any of the subjects to be out of doors, or to look out of the windows at a given time. Naked she jumped up onto a horse and covered the most private parts of her anatomy with her long hair. Escorted by two knights she did justice to the occasion and hubby was forced to reduce horse tax.
Now, it would appear as though one of her subjects, a certain Tom, bored a hole in the wall of his home, and had a good peep while she trotted by. Legend has it Tom was either struck blind or dead, and this is where "A Peeping Tom" comes from.
The End
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