Wednesday, 30 July 2008

Good Woman Wanted

This is another take on an old "joke", more sad than funny. But it reminded me of the Fairy Tale we never tell our children. Something like this;
Once upon a time, long long ago in a far off land lived a Princess who had been blessed with but average qualities. She could not find a suitable Prince to marry, and her parents, obviously the King and Queen, were anxious that Mr Right could be found to provide grandchildren, and a new King.
One day, while sitting next to the Palace dam, she came upon a frog, blessed with the power of speech. Her first reaction was to catch the amphibian, pop it into a bag and sell it to the court jester. A talking frog could mean an extra couple of bucks. (In those days Princesses were notoriously underpaid.) the Frog managed to avoid this by proclaiming that in reality he was a very handsome and rich Prince, his current situation as a frog was due to an evil spell cast upon him by a wicked witch. ( Details for this drastic transformation were not forthcoming, maybe the witch was his Mother-in Law who caught him cheating on her daughter, who knows).
Anyhow,He quickly told our heroine that if she gave him a good kiss he would, once again become the handsome, charming, sexy and wealthy Prince he was.
In return he would marry the Princess and they would move into his pad. She could show her gratefulness by keep house for him, cooking and washing his clothes, Doing all the shopping, educating their children and other domestic duties too many to recall.
Anyhow, that evening, after consuming a good bottle of Grand Crux, and having dined extremely well on a dish of lightly fried frogs legs in creamy garlic sauce she, said
" You F%#%^ing wish"
And she lived her life happily ever after

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