Thursday, 31 July 2008

Arnoldus, The Bushveld Ant With an Attitude

Arnoldus was a bushveld ant. A rough, tough and rugged individual, who was a leader of ants. He lived in an anthill in the African Savannah, under a thorn tree close to a river.
One day an elephant, on his way down to the river to meet the other animals for Happy hour, and without premeditated intent, stood on our Hero’s anthill causing significant damage.
This pissed Arnoldus off to no end. Countless ant-hours had been spent in building the complex anthill to the strictest of specifications. As we know, Arnoldus did not like being stood upon, so to say.
He lost it, and in his anger marched off in pursuit of the offender. The other ants all surfaced and took up good vantage points to watch Arnoldus give the elephant a piece of his mind.
Determinedly Arnoldus strided after the elephant, his mood growing darker with every step, egged on my countless thousands of ant supporters shouting, “Go Arnoldus, Go”
Eventually he managed to catch up to the elephant and jumped up onto a back foot.
“Go Arnoldus, Go” shouted his supporters from the sidelines. “ Way to go Arnoldus”.
Running up the hindquarters of the mammoth beast was no problem. Fuelled by his ever increasing anger and support from below he reached the back of the beast and set off for the head part.
“Go Arnoldus, Go!!!”, “You can do it!!!”, were the shouts from below.
The last bit was easy, but as he reached the neck his anger had subsided somewhat and he took a breather, not sure what to do now.
Looking down at his supporters he heard the cry
“ Strangle him Arnoldus, strangle him!!!”
The moral of the story is don’t bite off more than you can chew, and justice and revenge are better served cold.
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