Sunday, 11 November 2007

How to handle a flood

Received this via e-mail. This could be South Africa as well, only difference would be cans of Castle and a braai fire somewhere.
Been busy, busy the last week. This is all Jeans fault. Getting up at all hours for her Air Freight. Will get back to proper posting next week.
People actually read the spaghetti thingy. Had three mails, two said it was lekker (good), and one said my "directions" need more attention. Anyhow, thanks for that.


Louisa said...

If it keeps raining here like does we might be seeing more of this in SA soon!

It seems we're having a flood in installments this summer.

Hungry Mother said...

I'm so proud of my Irish roots. Now, if the booze ran out, then that would be a disaster.

Marloes said...

spaghetti thingy?..what spaghetti? where?