Wednesday, 21 November 2007

Bloggers Droop

I am suffering from bloggers droop. Something like Writers Block, only worse. Don’t know why the thought “droop” popped out of the keyboard, maybe Uncle Cooper had something to do with it.
Been busy, and now that there is time, the creative juices have wandered off to do business somewhere else, without me.
Now that I think about it, reminds me of a theory a wiseass man once told me. It was all about the survival of the fittest, and the consumption of alcohol and intelligence.
The theory runs like this. In the wild, it is the survival of the fittest. A lion chasing a bunch of buck, will most probably catch and eat the weakest, as it will be the slowest. This results in the “weakest link” taken out of the community, which in turn, strengthens the gene pool. So, in the Greater Order of Things, it is beneficial.
No hassle with that.
Now, according to Wiseass, it is a known fact that alcohol destroys brain cells, for those who have them. This is also a known fact.
So, therefore, when you consume alcohol, it will chase brain cells to kill them. And, as in the wild, the weakest will be caught and eaten first.
Ergo, by minimizing the weak brain cells, on average, one would be increasing your IQ.
End of Wiseass story.
Maybe tomorrow I will have something of substance to post, like the influence of the over production of bananas in Zunguland on Zimbabwe’s balance of payments


Marloes said...

Excuse me?..and what is that log called Neutrons in Government? chickenshit? You are only allowed to write about Bloggers Droop if you really have nothing, nada,zilch to say...:)

Hungry Mother said...

I think I finally know how I went from 3 years of guzzling beer in the Army to getting a Ph.D. in Mathematics. Makes sense!

Ronnie Ferez said...

nah! this is no droop. i wish i could process my thoughts this way. XD

'Grey' said...

You did pretty well even when u were drooping ! I think you faked it ...

When i go blank i call it blogstipated (then end up posting youtube)

Nice blog BTW ~

Carol said...

Blogstipated? Good one!

Jonny said...

May I suggest Rooibos tea?! It's good for a hell of a lot of stuff, constipation being one... so who knows, maybe blogstipation also?!

berto said...

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