Friday, 10 August 2007


Weekend is here again. If all goes well we are off to L'Agullas, the most Southern point in Africa. Good stuff.
I still have to do justice to the jos tag. Will do that when I get back. (Jammer jos, ek sal nog die nodige aandag gee, het nie vergeet nie.)
HMS Birkenhead sank at Danger Point, in the late 1800's. The saying " Women and Children first" originates from this wreck. Going to read up on that.
I promised an old friend to look for the grave of his Grandfather. He died here during the Anglo Boer War. See what I can find.

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Jos said...

No Worries, Graham. Enjoy your stay at what looks like a great great great place! Talk to you later. And (the only Afrikaans I know, hope it means what i means in Dutch ;): alles sal reg kom!
In Dutch that means: alles komt in orde. Take care & have fun!