Friday, 10 August 2007

My Friend the Gambler

Did this happen or not?
Truth is often stranger than fiction.
Here we go. From a friend of mine...
Arriving back home late one evening after entertaining a customer at the Carousel, he had a problem with a bunch of coins that he had won on the slots. His wife was seriously against gambling of any form, and to avoid a confrontation something had to be done, and done quickly. On impulse he placed the coins under the Welcome Mat at the front door, while waiting for his wife to unlock and open up. The modus operandi was simple. Early next morning he would collect the coins and dispose of them in an appropriate way. Next morning early he was woken up by his wife shouting in amazement from the front door.
“Honey, come and have a look here, hurry”
He had overslept, and to explain this situation, now, would be worse than bringing the coins into the house in the first place.
He gets to the front door, tensed up for a confrontation, and what does he see……
32 milk bottles, stacked in 8 x 4 rows.
Explain that one away…..

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