Tuesday, 28 August 2007

A Dog with low blood pressure...

Today was a bit of a rush. Do this do that, finish this, finish that etc etc. Reminded me of a morning a number of years ago in my previous life. One of those rush mornings. The Kids were late for school, a sock had disappeared somewhere. (I always found it strange that washing machines can devour school socks without a trace.) Well, it was a mad rush that needs no explanation. On the way out to the car I gave Dempsey, our pedigree Boxer, with official names unpronounceable, his de-worming pill while finding lunch boxes and other scholastic paraphernalia. Total chaos.
When I arrived at work I could not find my security card, chaos causes chaos, and had to “clock in” at the main gate. This was a schlep, a real pain in the butt. The formalities were greater punishment than the crime committed. Specifically so, to make sure that one would not want to go through the process again.
While fumbling around in my pockets for another form of ID I came upon a tablet. On closer inspection, to the great amusement of the ladies at reception, it was identified as a dog de-worming tablet.
Until today I still don’t know whether our dog had the lowest blood pressure in the neighbourhood, and whether I had been de-wormed.


Susan said...

Graham, thank ou for viisting Mexico Musings and writing a post! and I love your morning chaos post!
We have all been there! Of course now my morning chaos is which side of the yard full of palms to water first, the beachside or the street side.

Carol said...

OMG! ROFLMAO! I have done this too :)

Anonymous said...

Hey Graham
Thanks for dropping by and adding you bits to my blog ... much appreciated :)
Your spot on the web is groovy, interesting bits and bobs
Will certainly be back :)