Friday, 31 August 2007

Random Friday Crap #2

-If déjà vu means I have experienced this before, does déjà poo mean I have heard your crap before sometime?
-A brottle? Is that a whorehouse that has a booze license?
-If sagging boobs suffer from Coopers Droop, what do sagging butts suffer from?
-How does Dr Phil manage to take a saying out of a fortune cookie or gum wrapper and manage to carry it across as a “gem of wisdom?”
-Why is it that people who have absolutely no experience of a panic attack are the first to tell someone “its all in the mind, pull yourself together”?
-Why is it that the world, in general, is becoming wiser and wiser, but the politicians dumber and dumber?
-The South African Minister of Health is recalling 20 million “faulty” condoms amid allegations of corruption. That’s a “rough ride”. 160 million inches of condoms, Geez.
- An ANC MP is quoted as saying that the number of muggings, rapes and assaults of foreign tourists on Table Mountain is an acceptable percentage, in relation to the number of tourists. Tell that to the victims. Tourists are targeted, as they have left the country by the time any formalities are dealt with.

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Marloes said...

As ususal you had me in stitches Graham. I absolutely love the Deja poo and the "DrPhill" quote.