Thursday, 26 July 2007

Thinking too much....

This is what happens when one thinks too much.
Stole this image from jos
On a serious note. According to jos, this work of art was damaged by thieves. I went hunting to find out more. It would appear as though it was is a replica of the Rodin masterpiece that was damaged. I really hope that is true. The stupidity of breaking something like this defies explanation.


Trish said...

Aww.. are you broke-ed?


Jos said...

Hi Graham,
Actually, this is what the thieves did to the sculpture after they stole it. I guess these dumb **sses were curious to finally find out what in the world is really inside a thinking man :)
I forgive you that you "stole" the image ;-)
Take Care!

Jos said...

They tried to cut it up in pieces, so that they could sell the bronze (at a commodity price level). Thiefs don't think, that's for sure..