Thursday, 19 July 2007

Doing Justice to a Tag Thingy.

I really have to do justice to Trish’s Tag thingy. I want to, and I will.
Truth be told I have tried twice, and deleted both efforts as unfit for human consumption. I hate the word “Blog” and I really don’t know why. Maybe it reminds me of Bog. So how about Bogstipation for those times when nothing happens, even with all the will in the world. Osphere seems to be added onto the end of any word, so lets complete it as Bogstipationosphere or BSO. Now that is really crap. Is there a laxative for Mind block? Now that we are talking crap, why are farts an endless source of entertainment.? What makes a fart funny? There is a significant website devoted to the origin and protocol of farting. Is it true that if you withhold a fart that it goes up your spinal cord and into your brain, and this causes a crappy idea? Is it true that gum chewers fart more than non-gum chewers? I enjoy a good fart at an appropriate time, but why the obsession. Is this mankind’s final show of defiance towards the System?
The little gears in my head are not engaging or my mind clutch needs repairing.
Reminds me of Moses, every time I start writing Bull Rushes. Can one write on a computer? With a Koki on the screen? Surely one types on a computer. So I’m not writing an article, I’m typing an article. Which makes me think of the difference between an image and a photo. An ordinary camera can take a photo and an image; can a digital camera take a photo? I was taken to task by one of the “generation younger” who said nowadays one only speaks of “images”. Photo’s are stuff only old people can remember. Having said that, what is old? My definition is 10 years; if you are 10 years older than any time frame reference, you are old.
And, now that I am in Rambling mode, why don’t children, in general, read books anymore. Geez, the only books they seem to read come with crayons. They cannot spell. Oftentimes, nor can I, but an old fart is entitled to lapses, and, do not trust the Spelling option. The other day it changed “shepherd” to “Shepard” and I never checked the check.
I can assure you, if you have any doubts to my sanity after reading this, you can ask any of my Psychiatrists, they will all tell you I am OK.
Now....... I still have to do justice to Trish’s Tag thingy.


Carol said...

LMAO! Have you taken your Meds yet?

NakedBiff said...

Graham = living proof that it really is better out than in!

Oh, and your comment about kids reading...I just watched this and it made me feel old (and thick):