Monday, 09 July 2007

1,000 hits.....What now.........?

Today is Monday. One of those Monday’s. Sometime over the weekend the counter hit 1,000. Now what? 1,000 hits in 7 weeks. Is that good or bad? More important, is it relevant? As soon as one begins to compare one gets losers and winners.
I’ve been doing this ( I don’t like the word “blogging”, leave out the “l” and we have a bad typo) for 2 months now. Truth be told, I am still not sure how everything works. Specifically on layouts and settings. But that will come with time. I have a low patience threshold with this kind of stuff.
What does concern me a bit is the change in focus. The original idea was to have a place where one could put short story stuff out, and get some form of unbiased feedback that appealed to me. Original stuff. However this did not materialize. It has become a Licorice Allsorts site.
I was denied registration at a Humor Site as it was not considered appropriate for classification as Humor. That was a laugh on its own.
I have lost my desire to increase traffic, don’t have ad’s or anything like that to worry about. Anyhow “chasing” hits has never really appealed to me.
There are mediocre sites (my biased opinion) getting 1,000 hits per day, and brilliant sites getting 10. It's all in the mind. Are sites and going too far to the "commercial" side?
I believe this site has reached “ critical mass”, this is it.
Now I will do what I want to do…..


insanity-suits-me (Dawn) said...

Do you really believe your site has hit critical mass in only 7 weeks? It's just a baby and you've got a long way to go yet. I'm not new to running a website...been doing it for years, but I am new to blogging. It is a completely different world with different rules and I don't know what to expect...but I do know this - 100 targeted visitors are worth far more than 1000 untargeted. Just do what you love and the rest will take care of itself...Just my 2 cents ;)

Graham said...

Your comment gave me food for thought.
Maybe I have reached critical mass, that would make more sense.

Trish said...

"this" (I will refrain from using the b-word you dislike so much) should be all about you. The blog-whoring sites (as I call them) don't do that much. I'm on several lists - but then I realized that although I put my blog on several lists, I have not once stayed on the site and actually looked for or read other people's blogs. Aside from BlogLog and BlogMad, that is. :) Choose them carefully, or use none at all - it doesn't really matter. Your name will find it's way out there - and if you write it, they will come. :)

Ann Bernard said...

It should always be all about you and for you...we're just coming in to look at what makes you tick!! As long as you're having fun writing and keep your blog--that's all that matters.

Tim said...

Keep on truckin' and do what you want, and the results might surprise you. Persistence seems to be a major factor.

Jonny said...

I think a lot of bloggers have been there, me included! I've even made a couple of posts about hits and where they come from... and curse myself for that now! You get too focused on hits... and suddenly it's a pressure to keep your pace up on the blog - and then it's no fun any more!

Change in focus is another thing! I also had an idea what my blog was supposed to be, but it's taken on a life of its own. Whatever interests me at the moment goes there... and I think that's how it should be to really enjoy blogging!!

bokjae said...

Me too, never bother too much about hits! and what hits me! Just blog for the love of it! Cheers!