Thursday, 28 June 2007

Policing or Vandalism?

A SWAT episode on cable. At 5am in the morning the entire squad “attacked” a home in a suburb somewhere. Physically demolished a garage door and pulled out the front door with safety door. A couple of what we would call “flashbangs” were thrown in for good measure. The ceiling was ripped out, plus a couple of other wanton destructive activities. This whole exercise was accompanied by a great deal of shouting and screaming by the “attacking force”. A husband and wife were laid out on the floor and handcuffed, with assault rifles in their faces. The two minor children in the home were referred to but not shown.
End of story? Closing comments on the programme:-
“Unfortunately they were not there”
“We found no drugs”
“We found no guns”
“Can’t win them all”
“Just another day at the office”
Who pays for the physical damage? Trauma implications? Who did the “paper work?”
An Army is equipped and trained to blow things up and destroy stuff. That’s why they are there. When one starts equipping and training a police force with armoured vehicles, assault rifles and whatever, they will behave like an army.
I believe there is a role for this form of policing, but somehow it’s getting out of hand.


Anonymous said...

The militarisation of particularly american police is a growing problem. The SWAT teams have too much firepower, and used to often, and get it wrong just as often.
I have an extremely interesting white paper on the subjust in pdf form. Mail me if you'd like to have a beeter view of that subject.

Richard Catto said...

The judge who issued the warrant, the members of SWAT who attacked the family, and the entire chain of command involved all get fired and spend a minimum of 5 years in prison. No parole. No bail. No special prisons.

They do the entire 5 years in with the general prison population, all separated from each other in different jails, all wearing jumpsuits proclaiming them to be corrupt former law enforcement officers.

That'll give them pause for thought before putting the next innocent family through hell.

These nazis must be made to suffer!