Wednesday, 20 June 2007

7 Not so random Things.......


I have been tagged by Domestika to do the list of seven not so random things.

Here we go :

1) In Olympia, Washington State I was knocked over by a Father Christmas on a motorcycle….. and I don’t even believe in Santa Claus
2) In Bangkok, I was “locked up” for 4 hours while 2 Lady Customs officials tried to find out whether I was a drug smuggler…..and I have never seen, let alone used, any controllable substance in my life.
3) In Mocambique, I was fined 10 U$ for having the audacity of presenting a dirty passport at an impromptu road block…..and I had left my passport at the hotel, he was looking at my South African ID book.
4) In Uruguay, Los Silos area, I spent a unforgettable weekend on an Estancia with a Gaucho and his family for a weekend….and they could not speak English, and I could not speak Spanish.
5) In Rio, in transit to Chile, I unknowingly arrived during Carnival time and went AWOL for 72 hours……and I have photos with people on I can’t recognize or remember.
6) In Japan, Iwakuni, as the only non- local, sang Karaoke in front 200 local Japanese in the company of 4 ladies of doubtable repute, (Louis Armstong’s “ What a Wonderfull World “ without knowing the words)….and got a standing ovation which testifies to the Japanese hospitality and not losing face culture.
7) In Buenos Aires, at a Piano Bar, near a Police Station…..let’s forget that one


Jen / domestika said...

Graham, thanks so muhc for playing - what a wonderful list! I think I want your life... or maybe just parts of it - find I'm not quite as 'adventurous' these days as I was in my misspent youth. And now of course I'm dying to know about Buenos Aires, you big tease you!

Marloes said...

wow..that is some list Graham. Im sure that if I dig deep enough I might remember one or two not so random things, but Im not sure I would like them viewed by an audience..:o)

silken said...

fun tidbits here. I linked to your site from my places to go blog.