Friday, 14 September 2007

South African Rugby : World Cup, France

It is World Cup Rugby time. France.
Rugby is a sport that unites and divides South Africans. This is great stuff. We came short during the last World Cup cricket tournament, and we are all hoping for a better rugby performance. New Zealand, to my knowledge are the favourites. That’s good, more pressure on them. There is an on-going rivalry between South Africa, Australia and New Zealand that has been around for as long as Rugby has been played.
First game against Samoa is history. We won by a comfortable margin. But, any game against Samoa is a hard one, and the injuries testify to this.
One of our best players, and definitely my favourite, is Schalk Burger. Unfortunately, Schalk has a bit of a temper, and not unusual for him to land up in the “sin bin” for parts of the game. During the Samoa game he was penalized for a high tackle, and has been suspended for 2 games. This is not good. No use having your best players as spectators.
We have a “pool” at the local club, chip in, guess the score, the money is yours. It is a “closed” pool, and has not been won for a long time. Must be round about 7,000 bucks at the moment.( That's about 1,000 U$) I could use the money. Putting down 32 – 28 and 32 – 21 for the Boks.
Tonight we are playing England. Will be a great game. 21h00 kick off time. Off to the pub in a couple of hours to have a few beers and act like adult hooligans.
At least Schalk will be in one piece when we get to the quarter finals. Sending him to an anger management class would be like sending Bruce Willis to a flower arrangement class. Makes no sense

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