Saturday, 15 September 2007

Rugby: World Cup and Percy Montgomery

Rugby again. Boks beat the English last night 36-0. Got home well after midnight and I have a slight thumping at the back of my head. A great game. Schalk was a spectator but the Boks did well despite him not being available.
The "pool" was not won, again.
My Significant Other, "The Possessor Of All Knowledge That I Need To Know," has a crush on Percy Montgomery. She says he makes her knees turn to jelly. In her biased view Percy is always "Man of the Match". Even if he was not playing, he is "Man of the Match".( This image is of " The man who turns MSO's knees to jelly"). Anyhow, he played a brilliant game, and was not Man of the match, despite MSO's opinion.
Enough rugby for a while. Today is 20 20 cricket day, and we are playing Bangladesh, which will be a good game. Maybe some "hair of the dog" will help.
Sensory overload with international sport.

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