Thursday, 13 October 2011

Cape Weaver with Lunch (Ploceus capensis)

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This is one of those "it happened" images. Was busy concentrating on aircraft flying overhead and the Weaver arrived. Many days I have waited in the same position to get a good image of a weaver and the nest, without much success. Subject usually facing the other way, sun from unwanted angle, factory wall in the background, no eye contact, underexposed, overexposed etc etc. Only had time to do a 3 frame burst on the fly with aircraft settings on the camera before she dissapeared. The bonus part was that I never saw the insect until the image was uploaded. Still getting to terms with the 18-200mm Nikor zoom. What I am beginning to appreciate is that many "keepers" just "happen", and theory considerations regarding planning, tripods, depth of field , focus and rule of thirds dissapear from one's mind when you have maybe two seconds to take the shot.
The distrust of the intruder into her domain is visible in her eye
I am by no means a bird expert, sometimes I get the identification all screwed up. , for detailed information

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