Tuesday, 10 February 2009

Word Games : Kangaroo Words.

Word games are great fun. Yesterday I discovered Kangaroo words.
A kangaroo word is a word that has a synonym in the word, example, “masculine” has the word “male” which has the same meaning, and observe contains the word “see”.
Kangaroo word originates from the kangaroo that carry their young in a pouch. So, kangaroo words carry their synonyms within themselves.
Explanations over, time to put knowledge to practice.
I have taken these examples from Oxford.
(Click on this site for the answers)
Give it a go……….

1. Amicable.
2. Appropriate (adjective).
3. Salvage (verb).
4. Hostelry. .............(hotel)
5. Encourage.
6. Recline.
7. Before.
8. Instructor.
9. Separate (verb).
10. Catacomb.
11. Indolent.
12. Precipitation........ (rain)
13. Deliberate (verb).
14. Observe.
15. Transgression.
16. Unsightly.
17. Destruction.
18. Masculine.
19. Umpteenth.
20. Because. .............(as)

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