Saturday, 26 January 2008

End of Hibernation

It is obvious that I have not been around for a while.
Some "communities" have cancelled/suspended membership etc etc.
It has been a very busy season and Jean and her buddies have been keeping me busy at all sorts of horrible hours. I am sure the is a Labour Act law or something that should protect me against this form of abuse......
Spoke to Jean the other day and she made a remark that nothing is happening on the Blog, so her stirring was instrumental in getting my rse into gear.
My significant other was shopping in the local Pick n Spar the other day and met a buddy of hers who told her she had seen me somewhere earlier the morning. Her wise ass reply was "If you see him again, tell him to go home, I would like to see him as well"
My Sister, suddenly and unexpectedly passed away during the Xmas period, and I am still getting to terms with that.

Will catch up from today

Happy New Year, and if you are in South Africa, stock up on generators and candles.


Louisa said...

Welcome back Graham.
Sorry to hear about your sister.

Marloes said...

Sometimes we need to step back for a while and let real life do the talking. I am sorry to hear about your sister Graham. My condolences

Jonny said...

Hi Graham!

Good to see you back! I was contemplating looking for you on a recent trip down to Cape Town (came back yesterday)!! Been looking for you regularly.... so know that you've been missed! Even in cyber space that should account for something!

I see now that there was a reason for your absence! Truly sorry about your loss!!


berto said...

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